Monday, January 28, 2013

curve-faced windscorpion (Ammotrechidae) - Montezuma, Costa Rica

Solfugid of Mariposario Montezuma Gardens

Racket organs



giant water bug (Belostoma sp. aff. dentatum) - Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Collected by A. Kopit
Size 55mm

Face + pronotum

Face detail


Rostrum in profile

Underside of head





Breathing straps

Abdominal venter

Ventral terminalia

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

various flies - Montezuma, Costa Rica

Flies! They poop on pies
They thrive in sties
They contaminate your lips while you're at rest
They dab the dung with spongy tongues
And pester your preserves with maggot nests.

Filth! Decay and spilth!
Roach and bedbug's tilth!
Fleas that suckyour juices in the night!
Maniples of weevils
The Moth and her coevals
Mosquitoes with their itchy-killy bites.

That gang is meat for fangs
Of allies prowling in and out of sight
The entire pack are treats and snacks
For spiders, giving bugs a deadly fright

Fear not when a spider appears
You may be tempted by the pesticide
But remember who is eating you
And let the spiders be. They’re on your side. 

Freeloaders in the sumptuary